Best Times to Fish

Habits can change year to year. Call for what’s currently biting.

Limits / Regulations
Haddock17 in and over15 per person, per dayApr 15th – Sept 16th
Pollock (Federal)19 in and overNo limits
Cod21 in and over1 per person, per daySept 15th – 30th
SharkCatch and releaseCatch and releaseCatch and release
Bluefin Tuna
Per NMFS Regulations

We strongly support C.P.R Fishing. This means, Catch, Photograph and Release. If you choose to keep a fish that adheres to the Maine State regulations, the fish will be filleted and packaged for you at no additional cost.

NMFS – In respect to Large Bluefin Tuna greater than 73” curved fork length, it is permitted to be retained by our vessel under NOAA regulations and will be the sole property of the vessel and captain. In the event that a Giant Bluefin over 73” is landed, $500 of your trip cost will be refunded.